Removal of Excess Abdominal Skin


Removal of Excess Abdominal Skin - Panniculectomy is a procedure to remove a large amount of excess skin hanging from one's lower abdomen. It is not the same as a tummy tuck because it does not include adjustment of the navel, nor does it include liposuction - it is specifically to remove a very large amount of hanging skin (panniculus) from the lower abdomen that may hang close to or all the way down to the floor.

What should I expect?

It is important to understand that a panniculectomy is not the same as a tummy tuck. A panniculectomy will only remove the excess hanging skin from the abdomen - it will not tighten or flatten the loose abdominal muscles, it will not readjust your navel (it may even require removing the navel) and there will be no liposuction. The sole purpose of the panniculectomy is to remove excess skin that may be causing infection or maceration of skin under the excess skin (panniculus).

How should I prepare?

It's important to wash the area underneath the excess hanging skin (panniculus) the night before your procedure with Hibiclens or similar antibacterial soap to minimize the change for infection along the incision line.

What are the risks?

If you are smoking or having a panniculectomy in combination with an abdominal hernia repair, you risk having the incision breakdown and require gauze dressing changes and worst of all, navel necrosis when the "belly button" does not have enough blood supply and dies. This will leave a scar in place of your navel. With a panniculectomy, it may be required to remove the umbilicus (navel) as part of the operation. Be sure to ask your doctor if you will have a navel after the operation.

How do I ensure my safety?

Be sure you have this procedure performed by an appropriately trained plastic surgeon in an accredited facility. Also, ask to see photos of previous results.

What will recovery be like?

You will have a very long scar on your lower abdomen and may lose your navel after this operation. The operation may not be as painful as an abdominoplsty because there will be no muscle tightening. You may need stitches and drains removed 1 to 2 weeks after the operation. You are encouraged to get out of bed and move around as much as possible to minimize the chances of blood clots in the legs and a pulmonary embolism. Hopefully you can return to work within 2 weeks. While you may have some wound breakdown, this usually can be treated nonsurgically with gauze and this may not interfere with your return to work.

How much does it cost?

In the United States, the average cost of the removal of excess abdominal skin is $8,042, according to BuildMyBod's 2020 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report.This includes costs of anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees.

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