Brow Lift - I used to have a wide forehead an naturally high eyebrows. Yesterday, i had a forehead reduction procedure and i pointed out many time that i do not want my eyebrows to go any higher since i read before that the brows can be lifted at the same time of the patiend desire.. To my surprise, when i woke up and took a look at myself i burted in tears because my eyebrows flew soo high up and i look surprised all the time! The nurses said it could be due to the head wrap and that i do not look swelled yetAnd i kept asking for the doctor, when he came 8 hours later at first he said

Please take a deep breath.....and now, take another deep breath....better?! You just had your operation yesterday so it is way to early to judge anything. There is no question you have swelling that soon after the operation so you just have to give it time to settle. And then you can decide what to do from there from if you need a revision, you should wait at least 6 months to see where things ultimately settle. Best of luck.

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