Tummy Tuck - I am extremely unhappy with my c sec scar and would like to get it revised. Looking forward to your answers to the following questions:1. Is it possible to excise the scar and move it further downwards? If yes, how many cm downwards are realistic in my case? (Not much excess fat or skin)2. Is it, at the same time, possible to make the new scar horizontal and less crooked?3. Can the procedure be done in the same session with umbilical hernia repair (I have umbilical hernia and would like to have it fixed in the same session, if possible)Thank you so muchLindaPs. Currently, the scar is 4 months old - healing process so far has been normal.

Thanks for your question. As part of a tummy tuck, the C-section scar is typically removed. So it's possible to remove the scar and in the process, the skin will be moved downwards but impossible to tell how many centimeters without seeing in person. Your surgeon can make the new scar straighter and an umbilical hernia repair can be done at the same time if the surgeon chooses or they may have a general surgeon perform that repair. Best of luck.

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