Become Price transparent


All the price transparency tools for your website

Price Estimator

Patients can check pricing from your website with an integrated Price Estimator widget.

Promo Generator

Turn your existing website into an eCommerce platform to purchase non-surgical services.


In-office quoting system that’s No Surprises Act compliant and allows online payment of services or procedures.

BMH Email Marketing

Effectively remarket to your growing database of leads with BMH email marketing.

Pricing Assistant

Real-time Pricing Assistant to see how your prices fit within the competitive landscape.

BMH Concierge

Offer Memberships and Subscriptions to generate recurring revenue.

BMH Dynamic Pricing

Automated price adjustments based on inflation and demand.

BMH Marketing

Create and manage search and social ads

PriceChecker Chatbot

Automatically provide quotes and generate leads from the homepage of your website!

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