Removal of Excess Breast Tissue - Hello! I have gynecomastia and I was looking into getting surgery for it. I saw that there's a slight discount on the price of the procedures if you get multiple procedures at once. Because of this, I'd like to get liposuction on my stomach and hips as well at the same time.I'm wondering what the risks I have from this? I read that the chance of death increases quite a bit if there's multiple procedures done.For information about me as I'm sure it's relevant: There's no bad reactions of anaesthesic effects in my family, I'm around 20 lbs overweight, I'm 18, I'm fairly healthy other than being overweight. I don't have any problems breathing or heart issues, etc.Thanks!

Yes, it's correct, most surgeons will discount additional procedures when done at the same time as a primary procedure. You can get an idea of the costs by submitting all procedures in a wishlist on A more accurate quote will be given once you're seen in consultation. Every surgery has risks but the multiple procedures you're referring to can be safely performed at the same time. Also keep in mind that it's often easier to get all procedures done in one operation rather than having to undergo multiple separate operations. Best of luck.

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