Breast Reduction - Hi, My name is Kayla Shelby. I’m 20 years old and I was wondering if you could give me some insight into a breast reconstruction. When i was 18 I got a breast reduction. I went from a 38 DDD to a B. I was happy with that, however in a little under a year I almost grew back to where i was and my breast are no longer what i want them to be. They are saggy and nothing that i have done has helped! Another problem i have is when i has the surgery all of my fat was going to my breast, now it has shifted into my stomach. I go to the gym regularly and it seems as if nothing is helping. I’m only 20 years old and i feel as if i have the body of someone in their late 30s. If you could give me any type of insight that would be great!

That's not unusual for someone needing a breast reduction at the age of 18 to need another one as they continue to grow over the subsequent couple of years. At this point, you would probably benefit from another breast reduction and lift as well as liposuction to the abdomen. I would hold off on a tummy tuck if possible in case you have kids in the future. Having liposuction before a baby is reasonable but having a tummy tuck and then kids would ruin the result of the tummy tuck. Hope that helps.

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