Arm Lift - Both my arms are disproportionately longer than the ‘ideal arm length’ for my height, and it’s been an extreme source of self consciousness for me. My hands almost reach my knees when I’m standing up straight. I’m 17 and have just about finished my growth spurt, so I know that it’s highly unlikely for my body to even itself out because I've heard that the body grows from bottom-up, so there’s isn’t a chance that my torso will grow longer. Plus, my mom also has very long arms so I’m guessing it’s genetic. In the future, when I’m sure I’ve finished growing, I wanted to get plastic surgery. So I was wondering if there is a procedure for this, to make the arms shorter so they’re in proportion with the rest of the body.

Leg lengthening is a more common procedure these days and there are instances of someone's torso getting longer/taller when surgically straightening out their back because of scoliosis. However, arm shortening, or leg shortening for that matter, is not typically performed. There is the risk that shortening limbs will "kink" blood vessels or shorten muscles, making them unable to contract at maximum strength, in the process of shortening the limbs.

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