Nose Reshaping and Breathing Improvement - Hallo, my name is Elen and I have had 3 failed rhinoplasties in the past. The nasal septum keeps deviating over and over again. I'm frustrated and don't know why it keeps deviating. I try not to think about what might have gone wrong, but it is impossible. I'm thinking about what I did that might have been the cause, over and over again. What keeps driving me crazy most of all is this: On the third day of surgery (my last rhinoplasty) I pulled (not lifted) a drying rack with many wet towels on it (which means heavy stuff) for 2-3 seconds with one hand. Could this be the cause? Doctors keep saying that you should not lift heavy weight after surgery and my questions is why? To just avoid nose bleeding and swelling? Or can it also cause the stitches to

Any kind of strenuous activity can increase pressure in your abdomen or face when "bearing down" which is why doctors recommend minimal activity after abdominal surgery or facial surgery. The increased blood pressure can lead to bleeding. Cartilage can warp and deviate even after surgery but if too much cartilage is removed, that may reduce the structural support of the nose, leading to a shift in the nose as well. A surgeon who only specializes in nasal surgery may be your next step. Best of luck.

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