Tummy Tuck - I am 26 years old and have been plagued with being overweight my whole life due to poor genetics. I eat right and exercise for at least an hour a day and have been stuck at my current weight and shape for over a year. I tried everything and nothing seems to work so my only option, I believe, is surgery. Now, my question is what is my best option to get the results I want and have as little recovery time as possible because I only have a limited amount of time I can take off work.

Thanks for your question. If you are overweight and diet and exercise haven't worked, then the next option is weight loss surgery like the lap-band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. A general surgeon that specializes in bariatric (weight loss) surgery would be the person to speak to about this in more detail. If after the surgical weight loss your excess skin does not tighten on its own, then you may be a candidate for removal of excess skin from a plastic surgeon. These procedures like a tummy tuck or arm lift are very effective with a quick recovery. Hope that helps.

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