Nose Reshaping and Breathing Improvement - I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty 16 days ago. My columella got infected. When will the infection go away with antibiotic cream ? Will the infection effect my result?It now looks lower and bird Like and very fat. My surgeon told me it’s infected. I noticed it on day 9 but my surgeon thought it was post op swelling but than she noticed it on day 16 when it got worse. One side of my nose has swollen bigger since than and one nostril looks very small because of swelling inside nostril. The inside of the nostrils have crust and skin inside the nostrils looks like small hills.My surgeon gave me a cream that contains Antibiotics. When will the infection go away with the antibiotics cream i started using yesterday? And will this infection effect the result. (Nose was made slimmer, hump removed and septum straightened)

Because you're so close to your operation, you really need to stick with the advice of one doctor - your surgeon. Having too many cooks in the kitchen, providing different advice will lead to more confusion and complications. Best of luck.

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