Breast Augmentation - In 1995 I had breast Aug, small B.Saline. Sept. 2018 I went for consult to see if it’s possible that changing them out would I get cleavage, closer together as they are very far apart. Dr. Said problem, he called my implants “ pediatrics “. He said he would place them closer together and facing forward. That’s all he said. Not one word about any possible obstacles or reasons that outcome couldn’t be achieved. I had post op appt . with Dr. 10 day after that was cancelled by the Dr. left on voicemail. No new appt given and I never heard back from the Dr. Or his office until I called them 11 mo. Later because the implants are far apart and now more under my arms and armpit then on my chest. Now he’s saying it’s this reason and that reason, I asked why he didn’t tell me prior about any of this? He said he didn’t know until he went in. I am devastated. He said maybe fat transfer to fill in for the cleavage may work? I asked “fat from where? If I had fat I’d have breasts”! I’m very lean. Now he’s requiring I see a counselor before moving forward. Likely do to my insistence that he be accountable for telling me he could put them closer achieving cleavage and that he failed to disclose the reasons he’s now telling me why he couldn’t do it. I believe he certainly could do it, but he just change out implants failing to adjust the pockets to fit my chest . Now I feel he couldn’t care less about me. Aren’t muscle pockets able to be adjusted? Or manipulated to fit the new implants?

Very sorry to hear about your situation. Yes, the implant pocket can be changed from on top of the muscle to under the muscle or placed in a neosubpectoral pocket if they're already under the muscle. You may need to seek out a breast augmentation revision specialist via Google Search for the best chance of success. Best of luck.

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