Lip Enlargement - Hello I had lip injections on Friday Sept 1st. The next day I had blurry vision so i contacted my injector she told me it is not related. However I am still worried so I made an appt to have an eye exam. I’m also wondering if it could take 5 days for an occlusion to show?

Usually any occlusion of the retinal artery causes blindness, not blurry vision. Also, an occlusion due to injection of the lips would cause problems with blood supply to the lip area, not the eyes. Occlusion of the retinal artery is usually caused by injection around the eyes so it would be hard, if not impossible, to cause injury to the eyes when injecting into the lips. Additionally, the effects of an occlusion would occur immediately, not 5 days later. Best of luck and hopefully your blurry vision will resolve.

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