Chemical Eye Rejuvenation - I am a 24 year old female with under eye issues. When I was younger I always had dry skin under my eyes and I was always exfoliating to remove the dry/dead skin and I think I seriously damaged the skin under my eyes permanently. The skin is wrinkly with a 'crepey' texture. It is not smooth like other young adults. Is there any way to make my under eyes look better or will they be stuck like this? Would Glytone Enerpeel for eyes and lips do me any good? I can also provide a picture if needed. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

Any over the counter topical cream, like you're suggesting would be a good first step, even if it doesn't work. Fillers under the eyes would be a good second step to help with that crepey texture. Anything surgical seems premature at this point. Best of luck.

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