Breast Augmentation - Hi, I have already had a breast augmentation and am looking into going larger. With that being said, how does the sizing work? Does it go right from 100 cc to 150 cc or is there something in between? Also how much more are you getting when a doctor says they can max out your implant? So if I ordered 100 cc what do you actually get when it’s maxed? Thanks.

Smaller silicone implants go up by smaller amounts such as 25cc or 40cc for example. As implants get bigger (above 350cc) they may start to increase by 50cc at a time. Your doctor can show you samples during a consultation. When they max out your implants, they're referring to saline implants only, since it is possible to "overfill" saline implants at the time of operation. How much that increase is depends on the size of the implant..

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