Breast Augmentation and Lift - I had a full mastopexy on 10/24/18 along with a tummy tuck after having had 2 C-sections. My breast went from a large C/small D to a B with the lift. My doctor would not do implants at the same time as my lift due to having to reconstruct my breasts completely and the safety involved with that. He did state he would give me implants 6 months later if I wanted them. I developed hypertrophic scars while healing. They are ropey, red, thick scars under my breasts, across my stomach and my entire belly button is almost closed they are so thick. I have scheduled my implants for 11/20/19. He is going to inject steroids into my scars to help flatten them during my surgery. My questions are, 1) Does the steroid help or will I be stuck with these horrible itching painful scars, assuming they will come back with the new incisions right on top of the current ones, 2) what are the possible issues that I may have with having had a lift a year ago and the implants now, 3) any advice for my healing, etc. with this surgery, 4) I have a bit of a wing under my right armpit (right breast/side) should I have him fix this during this surgery or just let it remain since the implants will likely hide it, 5) I have 3 size options per my width of chest 445cc, 485cc and 510cc is there a reason I should choose one over the other?Thank you for your time!

1) steroids can help flatten out scars. 2) delaying the implants is meant to avoid any issues with healing. 3) Speak with your doctor about this. 4) Please ask him about removing that during the procedure. 5) The bigger the implant, the more issues you may have with stretching or pre mature drooping in the future. Best of luck.

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