Brazilian Butt Lift - Im interested in a Brazilian butt lift but my bmi is 18.5. In 5'2 and about 101 lbs. I try to gain weight but I just can't seem to put on any weight. How much fat do I need for this procedure? What can I do to help with the weight gain?

Thanks for your question. It's never a good idea to gain weight just for surgery. However, many patients have more fat than they realize. For example, a lot of fat is hidden in the lower back and inner thighs. And even if you don't have enough fat, aggressive liposuction to the lower back and thighs can make the buttocks look bigger even without fat injections. It's all about contours and how the buttock looks relative to the surrounding body - not just how big the buttocks actually are. Find a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation. Best of luck.

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