Skin Resurfacing - About 7 months ago I received a microneedling treatment that left what appears to be horizontal and vertical micro tears/lines on my nose. Is this something that you think will be permanent scarring or can it possibly be eradicated with laser treatment or additional microneedling that’s properly done? Or will more extensive measures have to be taken. I was hoping it would eventually start to go away on its own but it’s been roughly 7 months since the treatment, I was hoping it would improve a lot more by now. Not sure if the treatment was just too aggressive or potentially done improperly by the esthetician. Thank you for your time. I will send a couple photos. It’s somewhat hard to capture but you can kind of see the lines/tears in the photos

I would think that something as superficial as micro needling would resolve with time. It may take more than 7 months, but again, I think it will resolve. I would go back to your esthetician and have him/her refer you to the physician they work with for a more formal consultation.

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