"I have "accessory breast tissue" under both armpits. It is uncomfortable and restricts my movement and gets pinched, bruised and sore from my bra straps. It should be covered by insurance but I cannot find anyone to do it. A plastic surgeon sent me to a doctor who wasted my time and submitted the claim as "excess fat" so the insurance company denied it as cosmetic. It is so embarrassing to me that I will pay cash to have it done. What is the price range? Liposuction will not do it, it is tissue that has to be excised completely as it is growing larger all the time. Even losing weight does not help! I can't even wear certain clothes because of the embarrassment and I really want it removed before spring/summer when I can no longer hide it. Thank you.

We're so sorry to hear about issues with insurance payment. Accessory breast tissue in the armpits is not uncommon but insurance denial for it is common. You can use BuildMyBod (click the pricing tab while on buildmybod.com) to find a doctor in your area and to estimate your cost. Since most doctors don't list a procedure "removal of accessory breast tissue, the closest procedure to what you're looking for is a breast reduction. While I recognize this is in no way the same as a breast reduction, the cost of a breast reduction would give you an idea of the cost. For example, a breast reduction in the San Francisco Bay Area, all costs included, would be $8,110. However, you're particular situation would probably be closer to $5500, all costs included. Hope that helps.

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