Breast Augmentation - So I believe I have capsular contracture. I’m 6 months post opp in two days and my right breast stopped dropping at 3 months post opp. It’s slightly firmer, not hard and no pain so far. I’ve been researching (probably too much lol) and have found that some girls think they have capsular when really the muscle wasn’t properly released. Can you tell me how you would know the difference? Is the breast firmer when the implant isn’t released? I’m considering going for an ultrasound. If I got an ultrasound, would they be able to see if it is indeed scar tissue vs a muscle?

This is very difficult to determine with certainty with ultrasound. Unfortunately, whether the issue is unreleased muscle vs capsular contracture isn't clear until your revision surgery. But statistically, the issue is more likely capsular contracture since that's more common in all types of breast augmentation. You'll need to see your doctor and if surgery is deemed most appropriate, they'll let you know what the issue was postop.

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