Is your doctor’s office-based operating room accredited? [video]

office based operating room

If you’re in the market for cosmetic surgery, you may notice lots of doctors now perform their cosmetic procedures in their office. But that doesn’t mean that every office based operating room is created equal! You want to be sure … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder Speaking in San Diego


Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be making several presentations at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting (COSM 2017) and ASAPS Aesthetic Meeting next week/weekend in San Diego. Additionally, Dr. Kaplan will be on hand at Firm Media booth #947 … Continue reading

Saggy breasts worse after breastfeeding or pumping?

saggy breasts

When you’re a plastic surgeon, “cocktail conversation” at a party can involve any and all topics. How much recovery do I need after a neck lift? Can you get rid of my cankles? Breast pumping, not breastfeeding, resulted in my saggy … Continue reading

Why tax season is the time to schedule your cosmetic surgery

tax season

Tax season officially culminates tomorrow, April 15th (or maybe technically April 18th this year) when you file your taxes. And let’s just assume you’re filing your taxes on time! Aside from getting past the anxiety of taxes, this is actually … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder to speak at Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo 2017

aesthetic everything

BuildMyBod Health is very excited to announce that founder/CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan will be speaking at the upcoming Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo 2017. The expo will take place in Phoenix on May 13th and 14th.   What’s Dr. Kaplan talking … Continue reading

How to avoid duck lips with lip filler [video]

duck lips

Lip augmentation is a very common procedure with many options to plump up your lips. And even though it’s a relatively easy procedure, the most common concern is that you’ll end up with duck lips. Why does that happen? Can’t a … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Health to release eCommerce feature [video]

buildmybod health

BuildMyBod Health, the price transparency platform that allows consumers to check pricing on healthcare services and generate leads for doctors will release a new eCommerce feature. By using the website at or the Price Estimator on an individual doctor’s … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder Speaking at A4M Congress


Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health is speaking at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 2017 Spring Congress. Not surprisingly, it’s Dr. Kaplan’s distinct honor to be a part of such a large meeting on the cutting edge of … Continue reading

BOTOX® or XEOMIN® for treatment of sweaty palms [video]

sweaty palms

Excessive sweating is a problem for many patients. This condition affects the armpits, soles and palms. In particular, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the palms can be very debilitating. Consider if you always had very sweaty palms – how many times … Continue reading

Postop garments

postop garments

After various cosmetic surgical procedures, your doctor may recommend postop garments. But what are they meant to accomplish and is it required. Not all surgeons agree. Regardless, if you have a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or liposuction, chances are you’ll … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation Revision [video]

breast augmentation revision

For those of you considering breast augmentation, read this primer here. But for those who’ve already had that and are now considering a breast augmentation revision, continue reading!   What does a breast augmentation revision entail? A breast augmentation revision … Continue reading