How price transparency makes the doctor more sympathetic

price transparency

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how we promote all of the benefits of price transparency. By allowing consumers to know the cost of healthcare before receiving non-emergent care, they can make better decisions. And since more consumers … Continue reading

SESPRS: A family affair


The Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (SESPRS) just had their annual meeting. Aside from getting the opportunity to speak about price transparency in healthcare, my favorite topic, I learned something about the organization that was unexpected.   What … Continue reading

5 myths of breast augmentation

myths of breast augmentation

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for! Five myths that many believe about breast augmentation, fed by bad info on the internet. The post below will help you wade through that information so you can make a better decision for … Continue reading

Need to tighten the abdominal wall during a tummy tuck? [video]

tighten the abdominal wall

A tummy tuck is a pretty standard cosmetic procedure now. While liposuction will remove excess fat and tighten the skin to some extent, a tummy tuck ensures that all of the excess skin is removed. But there’s more than just … Continue reading

Who knew? BuildMyBod is great for Yelp reviews!

yelp reviews

Online reviews are tricky. They can as easily bolster your online reputation and well as crush it! Yelp reviews are particularly powerful, like it or not. While you will never satisfy every patient that comes in the door, there’s apparently … Continue reading

Why listing healthcare prices as a menu is dumb AF

healthcare prices

Do we have your attention now?! Whether it’s for cosmetic services or medically necessary procedures (before a deductible is met), knowing healthcare prices is important. Patients need to know their financial obligation and healthcare providers need to be sympathetic to their patient’s … Continue reading

Things to know after your Brazilian Butt Lift [video]

Brazilian Butt Lift

Don’t worry. Even if you’re not considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, this article provides helpful postoperative insights for any procedure. But for those wondering what a Brazilian Butt Lift is, you can read more here. However, this is the short … Continue reading