Facelift - I'm currently 55 years old, I've had multiple reconstructive surgeries after double mastectomy, which is still not right. I had a facelift with hope to increase my self esteem and after my facelift with fat grafting my Marionette Lines and Jowls are much more prominent than before surgery, plus I'm more asymmetrical than before surgery! I'm 5-years post op and still have numbness in various areas on one side of my face, and I have an itchy tingle on one ear that is very bothersome. I feel that I look older than before surgery. This has made me very depressed and I have no desire to socialize. What can be done? Thank you.

You may want to opt for non-surgical options at this point. Fillers and Botox can go a long way to address those issues since you've already tried surgery. Other non-surgical energy-based options are a possibility too. It's best, at this point, to find a board-certified plastic surgeon near you and see them in person to understand your options. Best of luck.

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