Tummy Tuck - I have a botched abdominoplasty where the surgeon didn't use the mesh. I believe my organs have all shifted from it. My lungs feel like they are pressing on my stomach, making it difficult to eat or breathe. The rest of my other organs have settled in the lower half of my abdomen, making that area so tightly stretched my skin is ripping. Can this be fixed, my organs repositioned & the mesh installed? I feel that if it cant, I am literally going to die from this

Using mesh isn't always required as part of an abdominoplasty. Maybe the doctor thought you had a hernia and suggested mesh but then decided you didn't need it once they got in there for surgery? If you truly have a hernia, it can be fixed with mesh generally speaking. You should discuss with your surgeon and also see a surgeon that specializes in hernia repairs. Best of luck.

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