Breast Augmentation - I had breast augmentation about 10 yrs ago. Since then I have been dealing with severe back pain. I assumed it was from an accident but with therapy and surgery it has not gotten any better. One day I just held my breast up as high as I could and the pain subsided also I was able to breathe with ease. My question is would durgery to reduce be considered a medical need or elective surgery?Sincerely, Antoinette Smalls

To have this considered medically necessary and have insurance cover it, you would need to find a doctor 1) that takes insurance and 2) write a letter to your insurance company detailing the facts of the case and 3) the insurance company would agree to cover the procedure. Keep in mind that even when the insurance company "preauthorizes" a procedure there's a statement in that preauthorization letter that explicitly says that preauthorization does not guarantee payment! Crazy I know. So be careful and make sure you have the money in case they don't cover it because nonpayment could affect your credit. Paying cash up front without going through insurance will certainly be the fastest route to getting rid of your pain. Best of luck.

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