Smile Lines Gel Injection - I am 26 years old and just last year I started noticing a change in my face. I have always looked years younger (23 looking like I’m 17/18) but back then I also weighed a lot less. I gained 20+ lbs rapidly in less than a year, started losing a little bit of it just last year and now it seems my age has all of a sudden caught up to me. I think it’s because my face is maybe in the inbetween of being full from extra weight to not being as big. And I have been extremely stressed the past year as well. Is there anything you could recommend? I know this is nothing serious like a full face-lift, but this makes me not feel very good about myself. Thank you so much.

Weight loss combined with nonsurgical treatments like filler to the upper face or along the jawline can help restore a more youthful face. A consultation with your doctor could provide more insight.

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