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Chin Enlargement - A "weak chin" can make an appropriately sized nose and other facial features stand out. In some cases, a "weak chin" causes dissatisfaction in men with their profile. The surgical insertion of a chin implant or readjustment of the chin bone can improve your profile by creating better facial balance. Chin implants are offered in many different shapes and sizes so that you may attain the specific look you desire. Some computer imaging may be used to help you make the final decision. The silicone or Porex material used for the implant resembles bone in appearance and allows a very natural looking, natural feeling result. The existing bone in the chin area can be adjusted to improve a weak chin without resorting to an implant.

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What should I expect?

This procedure can be done under deep sedation like a "twilight" or general anesthesia and can be done in combination with other procedures such as a facelift or nose job. The incision to perform the procedure can be done inside the mouth, just below the lower lip or from an incision on the outside just behind the chin.

How should I prepare?

Your doctor will take photos of you before the procedure to show you how they will improve the chin projection and by how much.

What are the risks?

Some brief swelling in the chin and lower lip area will occur post operation. Any discomfort experienced can be managed with pain medication. Two big risks associated with chin augmentation are the implant becoming infected or shifting out of position. Your risk of infection may be less if not using an implant and readjusting your current chin bone, but the plates and screws in this technique can also shift out of position, although unlikely. Great caution is exercised in surgery to avoid those risks.

How do I ensure my safety?

Be sure you have this procedure performed by an appropriately trained plastic surgeon in an accredited facility.

What will recovery be like?

Recovery time after chin surgery is fairly short. Sutures, if there are any, are removed within five days. Swelling and discoloration subside within several days and there should be very little pain overall.

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