Breast Lift Without Implants


Breast Lift Without Implants - A mastopexy, better known as a breast lift, raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

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What should I expect?

Enhancing your appearance with a breast lift. In the aging process, a woman's breasts may lose their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can result from pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight, age and gravity. By removing the excess skin in the breast "envelope", the breast is lifted.

How should I prepare?

Refrain from taking aspirin, ibuprofen or certain herbal supplements, as these can increase the chance of bleeding. Be sure to disclose everything you are currently taking, regardless of how menial. Stop smoking and all other nicotine products several weeks prior to your procedure. Your surgeon will discuss the recovery with you as well.

What are the risks?

The risks of mastopexy (breast lift) is separation of the incisions in areas of most tension, bleeding or infection. In very rare circumstances, and maybe more likely with a breast lift with implants, the blood supply to the nipple can be disrupted.

How do I ensure my safety?

Be sure you have this procedure performed by an appropriately trained plastic surgeon in an accredited facility. Also, ask to see photos of previous results. Special note: If you are planning to become pregnant, consider waiting to have your breast lift until after delivery because each subsequent pregnancy can lead to the need for another breast lift.

What will recovery be like?

After your procedure is completed, a postoperative bra and possibly drains will be placed. You will typically go home that day. The length of time you must wear the postoperative bra and keep the drains will be up to your physician. The timing in regards to showering will also be up to your physician. Some physicians encourage showers, but not baths, sooner rather than later.

How much does it cost?

In the United States, the average cost of a breast lift without implants is $7,271, according to BuildMyBod's 2020 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report.This includes costs of anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees.

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