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Results for Spine/Neurology

ACDF Discectomy and Fusion - Neck (1 level, with implants)

A cervical disc is removed through the front of the neck to help ease spinal pain and related symptoms. Fusion is performed to stabilize the vertebrae. CPT code: 22551  


The provider performs a percutaneous vertebral augmentation of the thoracic spine, such as kyphoplasty, a surgical procedure that treats compression fractures of the spine. He also may perform a reduction of a fracture and bone biopsy for diagnostic purposes. The procedure takes place under imaging guidance. CPT code: 22513  

ALIF (Lumbar Fusion) with implant

The provider performs arthrodesis, also known as spinal fusion, in the lower back, to permanently join two vertebrae, the interlocking bones of the spine, to alleviate persistent pain caused by a herniated, or bulging, disk, or other spinal condition. He makes an incision in the abdomen to access the spine and remove disk material. CPT code: 22558  

Lumbar Fusion

In this procedure the provider joins two adjoining lumbar vertebral bodies permanently by accessing the operative site with a combination of approaches for a better outcome of surgery. The provider performs this procedure to prevent any further damage or pain in the joint. CPT code: 22633  

Posterior Instrumentation Removal and Exploration of Fusion

The provider removes a previously implanted nonsegmental spinal instrumentation device, such as a Harrington rod, from the posterior, or back, portion of the spine, due to infection, pain, rejection, or failure of the device. CPT code: 22850  

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