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Epidural Injection for Pain Relief - Facet Joint (cervical)

In this service, the provider injects a diagnostic or therapeutic agent into a facet joint, the joint connecting two spinal vertebrae together, at the cervical or thoracic level. Or he may perform the injection for nerves innervating that joint. He uses imaging guidance of either fluoroscopy or CT scan. The goal of this procedure is to treat spinal pain or to identify the exact source of pain. CPT Code: 64490  

Sympathetic Injection, Lumbar (lower) Spine

In this procedure, the provider performs a nerve block on the lumbar or thoracic paravertebral sympathetic nerves, which are part of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. Blocking of the paravertebral sympathetic nerves effectively treats painful conditions of the thorax, abdomen, and lower extremities. It also has use as an analgesic for many thoracic and abdominal procedures. CPT Code: 64520  

Reblock for Acute Postop Pain

The provider injects an anesthetic and/or steroid agent into the brachial plexus, a group of nerves in the arm that originate in the spinal column in the neck. This injection is also known as a "nerve block" and is commonly used as part of a regional anesthetic procedure but may also be performed to treat brachial plexus neuralgia. Report this code for one or more injections during a single procedure.CPT Code: 64415  

Transforminal Cervical or Thoracic Epidural

This procedure is the injection of an anesthetic agent and/or steroid in the form of a transforaminal epidural injection into a single level (either cervical or thoracic). CPT Code: 64479  

Lumbar Epidural Steroid with sedation

The provider injects a diagnostic or a therapeutic substance, such as pain medication or a steroid, into the space around the spinal nerves of the lumbar (lower back) or sacral (caudal, or tailbone) region. She inserts a needle or catheter (tube) to facilitate the injection but does not use imaging guidance. CPT Code: 62322  

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