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Testicular Biopsy

The provider removes a tissue sample one or both testicles using a needle. After biopsy, the tissue sample is examined under a microscope. CPT Code: 54500  


The provider excises the foreskin of a newborn 28 days old or less; he uses a technique other than a clamp, other devices, or dorsal slit. CPT Code: 54160  

Resection of prostate, transurethral (TURP)

During transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), the surgeon inserts a resectoscope via the urethra and removes a portion of the prostate. This procedure includes several other urological surgery services, such as cystoscopy, meatotomy, and urethral dilation. Because these procedures are intrinsically part of the TURP procedure, you can't report them separately. CPT Code: 52601  


This procedure involves cutting the vas deferens and suturing the ends, on both the left and right sides. The provider then performs a postoperative semen examination. Even though the CPT code descriptor specifies unilateral or bilateral, report the procedure the same way whether it`s done on one or both sides. CPT Code: 55250  

Laparoscopic removal of prostate and surrounding lymph nodes

The provider uses laparoscopic technique and removes the prostate and some of the surrounding tissue but spares the nerve supply; he may use robotic assistance and, if so, this is included with this code. CPT Code: 55866  

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