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Results for Head & Neck

Closed treatment of nasal septal fracture, with or without stabilization

The provider manipulates the nasal septum to reduce, or realign, a nasal septal fracture to restore function and appearance. He does not make an incision. He applies a splint, if necessary, to maintain the position of the structures as they heal. CPT Code: 21337  

Palatoplasty (UPPP) for Snoring

Palatopharyngoplasty (e.g. uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, uvulopharyngoplasty) is generally done to widen the oropharyngeal airway, often as a treatment for sleep apnea. CPT Code: 42145  

Parotidectomy, Lateral Lobe without Nerve Dissection

The provider removes a tumor from the lateral lobe of the parotid gland without nerve dissection. CPT Code: 42410  


The provider performs an initial, recurrent, or secondary tonsillectomy procedure in a patient who is less than 12 years old. CPT Code: 42825  

Thyroidectomy, Total, with contralateral subtotal lobectomy

This is a procedure involving complete surgical removal of one of the two lobes the thyroid gland is divided into. The provider may perform the procedure with or without surgical removal of the isthmus, the tissue connecting the two lobes of the thyroid gland in the middle. CPT Code: 60220  

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