Reducing sticker shock for medically necessary and cosmetic services

sticker shock

sticker shock

There’s probably nothing more frustrating for a consumer and physician than a consultation that ends in sticker shock. How can a doctor’s website provide so much information about a procedure, but nothing useful when it comes to the consumer’s expected out-of-pocket costs?! It doesn’t have to be that way.


How Ohio Surgery Center reduces sticker shock

As the video below shows, the consumer will typically come in to see the doctor to discuss their medically necessary or cosmetic concerns. Hopefully there is a good connection in the doctor-patient relationship. But those feelings of comfort and understanding give way to sticker shock when the patient is referred to the office manager to discuss their financial responsibility. This topic of preparing patients for their financial responsibility ahead of time was a major topic at the most recent MGMA meeting in 2018.


The Ohio Surgery Center (OSC) does it differently. Rather than waiting til after the consultation or procedure to find out the cost, the consumer is able to check their costs through the Ohio Surgery Center’s Price Estimator. The Price Estimator allows the consumer to choose their insurance plan and procedures-of-interest. Once they enter their contact info, the price (based on allowables specific to their insurance plan) is revealed.


Because the consumer provides their contact info, OSC is able to follow up with the patient. That means navigating the patient through the healthcare process. This is how it works:

  1. 1. Start the conversation prior to the consult/procedure,
  2. 2. increase patient awareness of financial obligation, to
  3. 3. reduce the chances they experience sticker shock and
  4. 4. better prepare them to pay their bill, which results in
  5. 5. the overall improvement in patient experience.

What’s the downside?!


Video: Reducing the patient’s sticker shock

To check pricing from another doctor or facility before going in for a consultation, click here.



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