$250,000 PER MONTH with a Provider to Consumer (PTC) model for weight management

semaglutide injection training

We currently have a booming weight management program in our practice. Bringing in over $250,000 per month. But how did a plastic surgery practice specializing in body contouring procedures like tummy tucks and Mommy Makeovers find ourselves in the middle of the GLP1 tsunami?     Background It all started two years ago. We were […]

10 Reasons Every Practice Should Add a Weight Management Program

weight management program

1. Increase your patient base: Adding a weight management program to an aesthetic practice can help attract a new population of patients who are looking to improve their appearance and health through weight management. If your current practice offers weight loss surgery, then you already realize not every potential patient is a good candidate right […]

Integrate a Wellness Lounge into your Existing Practice

With the multitude of information available on the internet, patients are increasingly taking their health into their own hands. Why not encourage patients to come into your practice by giving them the tools and guidance to do just that?   Mind the Gap At Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery (PHPS), we first noticed a gap in […]

Why measuring your cost per lead is so 2019

cost per lead

Any marketing professional will tell you the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your advertising. By measuring each marketing channel, and its associated results, you can make better decisions in regards to allocation of marketing dollars. One mechanism to measure marketing efficiency is determining cost per lead. In other words, how much do you spend […]

99 Features and a Glitch Ain’t One!

The BuildMyHealth Platform: Features Galore! Click each icon below to learn more…   and we haven’t even mentioned… Syncing leads to your email marketing platform of choice Expanded lead tracking and automatic calculations of your cost per lead, cost per consultation and cost per booking Presenting consumers with all of your available financing options after […]

When scripts provide great customer service… and when they don’t


Scripts are the prepared responses the front office staff use to answer callers’ recurrent questions in consistent, reproducible ways, providing the greatest amount of information in the most succinct way possible. These scripts can make the front office staff’s job easier, while providing callers with the information they’re seeking. A couple examples:   Script scenario […]

Surge (Dynamic) Pricing is Here

surge pricing

Inflation is a hot topic these days. The causes are myriad, including: 1) an influx of cash from the Federal government, 2) supply chain issues resulting in less inventory and higher demand, 3) more job openings than available applicants, leading to higher wages.   At the end of the day, it affects you and your […]

Social media’s evolving engagement strategy becomes your evolving engagement strategy

snapcode snapchat

Facebook was all the rage through the 2000’s, followed by Instagram, Snapchat and now TikTok. It’s fascinating to see not only new platforms, but how the platforms continue to evolve and change. I’m not talking about “cosmetic” changes like the profile layout or the dreaded Snapchat update of 2018.1 I’m talking about how these companies […]

Introducing Status QUOTE!

no surprises act

We’re excited to tell you about our newest feature on the BuildMyHealth platform:   Status QUOTE!   Just like you, we’re in the trenches, always trying to improve upon our processes to address pain points in managing a busy office.   Here are two pain points we’ve noticed when patients come in for their consultation:   1. Before going […]

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