BuildMyBod founder speaking at PPMD in Tampa this weekend


Practice Profitability MD (PPMD) is having a live event this weekend in Tampa. PPMD was founded by Dr. Rich Castellano, a facial plastic surgeon in the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Castellano helps cosmetic practitioners make their staff more productive, grow their businesses and avoid burnout so they can have more fun at work, enjoy more free time and make their practices more profitable.


The PPMD Live Agenda

Aside from many sessions throughout the weekend addressing ways to improve a cosmetic physician’s practice, Dr. Kaplan will be reviewing 5 pain points that every doctor experiences. And just as important as identifying those 5 pain points, is identifying the solution(s)!


Dr. Kaplan will discuss:

  1. 1. the difficulty of working with price shoppers,
  2. 2. implementing effective lead generation,
  3. 3. improving your return on investment (ROI) on social media
  4. 4. reducing inefficiencies at the front desk and in the exam room
  5. 5. reining in digital advertising costs


If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, you should attend the meeting by signing up here.



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