Our Plastic Surgeons on BuildMyBod

We are proud to highlight our plastic surgeons currently subscribing to BuildMyBod. These real plastic surgeons represent forward thinking doctors that believe in educating the patient in all aspects of plastic surgery, including price.



How many times have you called a plastic surgeon’s office to ask about ballpark pricing on certain cosmetic procedures, only to be told that you had to come in for a consultation? And you thought, it might be a waste of time for me and the plastic surgeon if I come in for a consultation and find out the costs are out of my budget!



Well now, there’s BuildMyBod. You can find these plastic surgeons in your area and choose procedures you’re interested in and get pricing information online, instantly, all before going in for a consultation. The images below are screenshots of our physicians from our Pinterest board but if you want a closer look, click here.  Once there, click on their image and be brought directly to their BuildMyBod page and start learning about procedures and procedure pricing.  Additionally, BuildMyBod also offers Promos from these doctors. Signup for BuildMyBod here and you’ll be notified of specials being run on non-surgical procedures by these physicians. And finally, if you need additional information regarding any cosmetic procedure, click here for the BuildMyBod Knowledge Center and even Ask a Real Plastic Surgeon a question.


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