ASPS Procedural Statistics 2012 and BuildMyBod Total Plastic Surgery Pricing

As you may have read or seen recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgery released their 2012 procedural statistics. What this means is, the ASPS, the main trade organization for plastic surgeons, compiles the number of procedures performed by its members. And from this information, releases its annual report which shows trends and statistics of cosmetic surgical procedures (breast augmentation), cosmetic non-surgical procedures (BOTOX® Cosmetic) and reconstructive procedures. Here are a few of the highlights for surgical and non-surgical procedures with plastic surgery pricing….


But this is only part of the story!, the only website/app that provides total plastic surgery pricing information on procedures from its subscribing board certified plastic surgeons, can give you the information you’re seeking – how much does it cost!  Below we’ll present the regional average costs for these procedures and also the US total average cost. But for specific total plastic surgery pricing from a plastic surgeon near you, visit and enter your ZIP code.

2013 Pricing ReportNow you have the whole story! For more information on plastic surgery in general, plastic surgery pricing, go to




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