Setting Up a Weight Management Program for Your Family Practice

Weight management programs are becoming more popular among family practices, providing patients with a structured, medically supported solution to achieve their health goals. These programs are highly beneficial for patients who participate in them, and also provide significant advantages to the family practices that incorporate them.

Research and analysis by the CDC indicates that 71% of adults fall into the overweight or obese categories. This indicates that the weight management programs market is expected to exceed fifty billion dollars. There is currently a high demand for such programs and incorporating one into your practice can help you be seen as an expert in providing weight loss solutions to your patients. It can also assist in generating additional revenue for your business and positioning your family practice as a reputable name in weight management.


Getting Started

You need to be aware of regulations for your state when starting a weight management program. There are specific rules and guidelines that legitimize these types of services.



While most states share the same bulk of regulations, some states offer unique inputs as to how a practice can set up and maintain a weight management program. You may need to register with the state government, submit credentials for program leadership, or have special licenses to provide weight management solutions.



As you are likely aware, the right staff can make or break any business. This is especially true of weight management programs. Staff will help your patients meet their goals for weight loss by utilizing treatment plans and fielding concerns, and will reflect on your family practice’s reputation.



Licensing is often required to provide the option of drug therapies in your weight management program. This can include weight loss medication, appetite suppressants, and, of course, the ever-popular semaglutide. Knowing your state guidelines are important to obtaining the correct licensing.



The majority of states have little input about how you choose to market your weight management solution for your family practice. However, there are advertising entities that do have input. Facebook, for example, often bans certain key words in their medical advertisements. Advertising a solution that is a “miracle solution” may get flagged, leading to your marketing falling short of expectations. Some research could potentially need to be done ahead of time, unless you adopt a weight management program from a company that includes a marketing package.


Is a Medical Weight Management Program Right for Your Family practice?

If you are wondering whether or not a weight management program is right for your family practice, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Having a weight management program can help to fill a demand your patients are seeking, as well as establish a presence in a market that is only going to grow. These programs tend to provide a real solution for patients while also giving your business a consistent revenue stream, making it a classic win-win.


Get Started with A Turnkey Weight Management Program

Weight management is a consistently thriving industry, projected to reach a market value of billions of dollars worldwide soon. By implementing a weight management program, you can establish a solid presence in this rapidly expanding market and meet the increasing need for efficient weight management solutions. Take advantage of the current health and wellness trend by providing customers with a dependable and reputable program that can assist them in attaining their weight loss objectives.

Our weight management program is supported by thorough research, expertise, and a proven record of success. By obtaining a license for our technology, you will have the opportunity to access a comprehensive and well-rounded program that has already proven its efficacy in assisting individuals in attaining sustainable weight loss.
Instead of incurring the expense and dedicating time to create your own weight management solution, you can utilize our established program to promptly deliver value to your customers.

We also have the capability to connect you to our extensive network of compounding pharmacies throughout the country that have access to semaglutide, tirzepatide, and liraglutide.

Let BuildMyHealth do the work for you. Then, you can reap the benefits by providing an effective solution to your patient base, helping your practice be more effective in the process.

To find a provider near you with these medications, please visit and if you’re a provider looking to implement a weight management program into your practice, request an account here.


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