Is Semaglutide Banned?

Family care practices, medical spas, and plastic surgeons looking to implement weight management programs generally understand the importance of implementing the right medications and supplements into their programs


What is Semaglutide?

First, it is important to understand what semaglutide is and how it helps practices in their weight management programs.

Semaglutide is without a doubt the most common FDA approved medication that helps patients see consistent weight loss. Semaglutide is a peptide that basically tells you that you are full because it mimics naturally occurring hormones that create a feeling of satiety after eating. It also brings down blood sugar levels by secreting insulin and slowing down the process of gastric emptying.

When used correctly, semaglutide copies the processes of your own hormones within your gastrointestinal tract, making it a perfect enhancement to any weight management strategy. Blood sugars are more easily controlled, fat storage is maintained optimally, and the feeling of fullness is extended. This leads to consistent and dependable weight loss.


FDA Disapproval

Industry articles and conversations recently have often centered around a ban on semaglutide. However, this may not be as concerning as it sounds. The real issue is that there is a shortage of the approved semaglutide, those created by Nova Nordisk in the form of Ozempic and Wegovy. Due to this, compounding pharmacies are legally allowed to make an exact duplicate of the name grand under FDA rules.

The true Ozempic and Wegovy semaglutide is a semaglutide base. But some duplicates were initially a semaglutide salt. That’s no longer the case. Compounding pharmacies, in an effort to maintain legitimacy and adhere to the law are only providing the base versions now, as confirmed by the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) they obtain from the FDA approved manufacturers that are making the semaglutide base.

However, you may still see FDA warnings abound. Those are specifically referring to pharmacies that make research grade semaglutide not intended for human use. Which is legal to make but illegal to provide to consumers that are mostly intending to use it for personal use rather than research use.

You may also see warnings regarding counterfeit Ozempic. In these cases, these are dishonest players providing the injector pens with Ozempic branding but no guarantee that semaaglutide is actually inside.

Because you can’t even feel confident that the injector pen with the name Ozempic is legit, you may feel more comfortable with medications accompanied by a CoA provided by the compounding pharmacy in the case of semaglutide and tirzepatide obtained from a medical practice.


State Bans

Due to FDA warnings and issues that have arisen from semaglutide salt, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina have all banned semaglutide for fear they are all the salt version. But that also bans legitimate semaglutide base which is more plentiful and less expensive than the name brand. In other words, the poorest, most obese states no longer have the option of obtaining safe weight loss meds that are more affordable!


Acquiring Semaglutide

Now, the problem that arises now is that it can be difficult to acquire semaglutide for your weight management program. If you are looking to start a weight management program and are worried about this reality, the best thing you can do is rely on a turnkey weight management program solution that has the ability to acquire semaglutide due to a system of established practices and connections. At BuildMyHealth, we have relationships with suppliers that become available the moment you decide to implement our already established and successful weight management program solution. We have a “stable” of pharmacies with semaglutide and tirzepatide made by FDA approved manufacturers and then provided by a compounding pharmacy with a license in your state.


Get Started with a Weight Management Program

Weight management is a consistently thriving industry, projected to reach a market value of billions of dollars worldwide soon. By implementing a weight management program, you can establish a solid presence in this rapidly expanding market and meet the increasing need for efficient weight management solutions. Take advantage of the current health and wellness trend by providing customers with a dependable and reputable program that can assist them in attaining their weight loss objectives.

Our weight management program is supported by thorough research, expertise, and a proven record of success. By obtaining a license for our technology, you will have the opportunity to access a comprehensive and well-rounded program that has already proven its efficacy in assisting individuals in attaining sustainable weight loss.

Instead of incurring the expense and dedicating time to create your own weight management solution, you can utilize our established program to promptly deliver value to your customers.

We also have the capability to connect you to our extensive network of compounding pharmacies throughout the country that have access to semaglutide, tirzepatide, and liraglutide.

Let BuildMyHealth do the work for you. Then, you can reap the benefits by providing an effective solution to your patient base, helping your practice be more effective in the process.

To find a provider near you with these medications, please visit and if you’re a provider looking to implement a weight management program into your practice, request an account here.


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Is Semaglutide Banned?

Family care practices, medical spas, and plastic surgeons looking to implement weight management programs generally understand the importance of implementing the right medications and supplements

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