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spotifyWhat’s got two thumbs and has great operating room-related playlists on Spotify? This guy! That’s right, Dr. Kaplan, AKA @realdrbae on Snapchat, founder of BuildMyBod Health and board certified plastic surgeon at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery has, with the help of his office staff, created seven playlists on Spotify that reflect the operation he’s performing or assisting the patient waking up from anesthesia!


These playlists are great for patient and surgeon alike. The playlists can help the surgeon get in the zone for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Breast Augmentation or Liposuction. And at the same time, ease the patient out of their anesthesia while waking up in the Recovery Room.


Search Spotify for realdrbae to see the playlists!

Each week we’ll highlight the “Playlist of the Week” from realdrbae (Dr. Kaplan’s snapchat persona). So without further adieu, here’s the playlist for this week:


A booty-shakin’-BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) playlist isn’t what you’re looking for?! Don’t worry. Each week we’ll release our latest playlist. But to get a sneak peek, create a free account on Spotify and check out Dr. Kaplan’s Spotify page here or search realdrbae.


Each playlist is a great collection of songs that fit the mood. Keep in mind that some operations are performed under a “twilight” anesthesia so the patient can hear the music. For that reason, they’re designed for young and old – everyone can find a song they like.


Thanks for listening!



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