Will my breast implants drop?!

breast augmentation

It’s a little nerve-racking after breast augmentation. The breast implants seem a little high but will they drop? The answer is that in a vast majority of cases, breast implants will drop into the correct position. You just have to be patient.


Maybe the best ‘first’ question is why are they high in the first place? When placing breast implants into their respective breast pockets, the surgeon often pushes the implant upwards so that the implant isn’t too close to the incision under the breast. Why? While stitching the incision closed under the breast, the surgeon doesn’t want to accidentally damage the implant with the suture needle. But that’s not the only reason.


breast implants
Breast implants two weeks after breast augmentation. Notice how the implants are more obvious and higher on the chest.


As in the photo above, the breast implants appear high because the skin is so tight and unaccustomed to these new implants. As the skin envelope relaxes through a process of stress relation, the breast can better accommodate the implant and the implant begins to drop into position as seen in the photo below of the same patient.


breast implants
This is the same patient shown above, but three months after breast augmentation surgery. The breast implants have now dropped into position with a very natural appearance.


So while being worried is totally understandable, you needn’t worry. Over the course of 3 months, the implants will drop into the correct position, giving you a much more natural appearance. Keep in mind that the implants may drop at a different rate so even if one implant drops before the other, they will indeed both drop to give you an attractive, symmetrical appearance.


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