Liquid Nose Job Before and After Photos

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I continue to be impressed with how a nonsurgical liquid nose job can transform the nose, and therefore the face, in unexpected ways. Up til now, if you wanted to change something about your nose, surgery was required. Shave down a bump, even out a divot, get more tip projection. But with the injection of a filler like Belotero into the nose, there’s so much you can do non-surgically in about 10 minutes!


nose job
Any of these fillers can be used for a liquid nose job – Belotero, Juvederm or Restylane


Liquid Nose Job Photos

Injecting a filler into the nose can be very easy and minimally painful for the patient. All it takes is a patient that has reasonable expectations and an issue that can be treated non-surgically. For example, you can get more tip projection as seen in the photo below. But what’s also interesting is how treatment of one spot can transform the rest of the nose.


liquid nose job
Nonsurgical liquid nose job


As seen in another photo below, the patient was unhappy with the deep crevice where his nose attached to his forehead. By injecting filler into this space, we’ve created a bit of an optical illusion. The injection was placed at the very top of the nose but it looks as if we injected along the entire length of the nose to make it straighter. Credit should be given to the patient for recognizing that he could achieve the results he wanted with an injection and not surgery.


liquid nose job
Filler to the depression where the nose meets the forehead.


The other great benefit of this procedure is that you can check out your nose in the mirror and be a part of the process. After the doctor injects a little filler, see if you like it. Want more? A little more can be injected. Think it’s too full in one area – it can be manipulated and massaged away in seconds. The filler sets in after a couple days so be sure and make any changes early!


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