Latisse: Still the best thing going!


latisseWant guaranteed eyelash growth at a reasonable cost? Latisse is still your best option.


There are many products with endless promises – get rid of cellulite, stretch marks or melasma – but none of them really work or live up to those guarantees. Nothing except Latisse. It is amazing how the only FDA approved product to lengthen, darken and thicken eyelashes actually works. And works well.


What’s so ironic about this product is that it was discovered by accident! Latisse was originally marketed as Lumigan, a product for glaucoma. After treating patients for increased pressure in their eyes (glaucoma), Lumigan was found to lengthen eyelashes. The folks at Allergan, makers of BOTOX® Cosmetic, recognized the gold mine they were sitting on and rebranded Lumigan as Latisse for the cosmetic purpose of lengthening eyelashes.


How to use Latisse correctly

All these years later, there’s no other product that comes close. Latisse comes in a 3mL 4-week course or a 5mL 10-week course. For the best bang for your buck, the bigger 5mL bottle is the better deal. Application is very easy. The kit comes with small brushes that you drip on the solution, and then swab your upper eyelash. Within a few weeks you’ll see increased growth.


Latisse is not to be used on the lower lid according to the product insert and you should be aware of one potential complication. Lumigan, which was used for glaucoma had a very small incidence of changing blue eyes brown! So theoretically the same is true for Latisse. The big difference is that Lumigan, when used properly, was placed directly on the eyeball. Latisse, when used properly is not placed on the eyeball but swabbed along the upper lid lash line. Eye color change has not been reported as long as the medication is placed on the lash line and not placed directly on the eyeball.


As discussed in this post, Latisse is easier to use and less expensive and less damaging to the eyelashes when compared to eyelash extensions. To check pricing on Latisse and to purchase online from a doctor near you, click here.



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