THE Aesthetic Show
Dr. Ordon of The Doctors

Do you recognize the guy on the left? That’s Dr. Andrew Ordon, the plastic surgeon on the Emmy-nominated show, The Doctors. I met him this past weekend while presenting at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.


I presented on one of my favorite topics – price transparency in healthcare. Using the platform that I developed, BuildMyBod, consumers can check pricing on cosmetic or medically necessary services paid out of pocket before a deductible is met. But enough about me and BuildMyBod!


THE Aesthetic Show
Click on the image above to see Janet’s appearance on The Doctors. Isn’t she great on the show?!

I was particularly excited to meet Dr. Ordon because a few months ago, he interviewed one of my patients, Janet, on The Doctors. They discussed the Selfie Makeover. This is the latest phenomenon wherein patients take selfies then manipulate the image with Instagram filters and bring the photo to their plastic surgeon and say, “make me look like my filtered selfie!” Janet was first featured on Good Morning America and then The Doctors wanted to showcase her.


Click on her image to the right and see what a great job she did on the show!



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