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price transparency software
Add procedures of interest to your “wishlist” and get instant pricing information.

Are you frustrated with the lack of price transparency in healthcare yet?! As a consumer, you’re not the only one annoyed with the difficulty in getting pricing information before you get your medical bill. Doctors and other providers are feeling quite inadequate due to their inability to help patients determine cost after the doctor has told them they need a test. Now there’s price transparency software that will help the doctor provide pricing information to their patients after informing them of the need for a test and the patient will get cost info to help make better financial decisions.


Even though more and more consumers have health insurance now, more of them have mediocre insurance with a high deductible. This means that even though insurance will eventually kick in, you have to spend $1000 to $6000 out of your own pocket before they pick up one dime. So it behooves the patient to purchase the X-ray or lab test that fits their budget without cutting corners on quality.


The price transparency software from BuildMyBod does all of this. If you want to know the cost of a CT scan at the local hospital or local outpatient facility, just go to, enter your location and you’ll see the available tests and costs in your area. Because the doctor or facility has uploaded all of their pricing information into the BuildMyBod database, you’ll get pricing information instantly after you submit your “wishlist” and the doctor/testing location will get your contact info for follow up. When they call, they can help you determine if your insurance will cover any of the test or if it will be totally out of pocket because you haven’t met your deductible.


Even better, pricing help isn’t just focused on lab tests and X-rays. You can also get pricing information from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, even Ob-Gyn’s. In addition to, some doctors have the price transparency software built directly into their own website as you can see here, here and here.


So what are you waiting for?! Consumers: use this to check costs ahead of time; doctor/facilities: use this platform to distribute your pricing information and get patient leads in return!



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