The BuildMyBod Cost Estimator

cost estimatorGone are the days of getting a healthcare service and not knowing your out-of-pocket costs before the bill shows up. Using the BuildMyBod cost estimator, you can find a doctor, their services and out-of-pocket costs before getting that service.


Considering that you can get estimated costs for pretty much anything online, healthcare should be no different. Luckily, with more doctors understanding the importance of price transparency, they’re uploading their pricing to the BuildMyBod database and that benefits you. Because now, once you submit a “wishlist” through the BuildMyBod website or app, you get instant gratification in the form of cost estimates from their cost estimator.


The doctor in return gets your contact information so they can follow up with you and assist with questions or insurance issues in case your insurance will cover any of the costs. But truth be told, with so many consumers now with high-deductible health plans, chances are you’ll be paying out of pocket to the tune of $1000 to $6000 out of your own pocket before your insurance kicks in. Which is why it’s nice to know where you can get the most affordable service or test while not cutting corners on quality.


See how BuildMyBod works


For more information, check out BuildMyBod’s cost estimator through any of these portals: website or app.



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