Are you a terror when waking up from anesthesia?!

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Have you ever had anesthesia or been with anyone waking up from anesthesia? It can be pretty humorous depending on the mood of the patient waking up. But is there a correlation between someone’s general personality and the demeanor in which they emerge from anesthesia? Is it possible you’re a terror when waking up and no one has told you?!




Correlation between Personality and Anesthesia

After many years of watching patients wake up from anesthesia, there’s a few anecdotal consistencies I’ve noticed. For example, teenagers invariably wake up very dramatically. Not necessarily mean or combative but definitely a bit hysterical! It may be related to the underlying relative immaturity of the teenage patient.


Older patients typically wake up very calmly. I have noticed that patients that have a good sense of humor continue on that trajectory when waking up and knowingly provide comic relief for the OR staff. Patients that are older and may be a bit dramatic on a day to day basis can continue to be dramatic when waking up from anesthesia but continue to be polite in the process.


The way the patient wakes up isn’t all related to their personality. Anesthesiologists that mostly work in outpatient facilities with patients that will be going home the same day, play their part as well. Because of their expertise in outpatient surgery, anesthesiologists can bring patients out of anesthesia more slowly and calmly. This doesn’t always work but as with anything in healthcare, the more experience benefits everyone, especially patients. Enjoy the videos below of some famous YouTube patients!



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