What Botox will and will not do!

After talking to one of my nurses the other day, she pointed out how many of her friends have an inaccurate view of what Botox does. Often times, they seem to think that any “botched” or bad plastic surgery is due in part to Botox! Let’s set the record straight.


BOTOX® Cosmetic, or its competitor Xeomin, do only one thing. They relax muscles for 3-6 months and when used in facial injections, they relax the muscles in the face that cause forehead wrinkles and the wrinkles in between and around the eyes. Botox doesn’t change the shape of the eyes (that’s a very aggressive blepharoplasty) or the shape of the cheeks (fillers or a facelift) or stretch out the lips (facelift).


Botox doesn’t do this!

As you can see in the photos below, these celebrities had some plastic surgery. I don’t want to be critical for the sake of being critical. My comments are just to explain the effects that Botox doesn’t cause. Additionally, some of these photos simply demonstrate that if someone has their photo taken in an unflattering light or angle, their problem isn’t Botox and maybe not even surgery, just an unfriendly photographer!


Jennifer Grey: Maybe some Botox to create a smooth forehead but her eyes have been lifted, which has changed the shape of the eyes but it’s not due to Botox!



Kim Novak: Fat injections to the cheeks and a facelift but no evidence of Botox.

kim novak purpleclover.com


Meg Ryan: I’m not sure what’s she’s had (maybe Botox to the forehead) but I included this photo to simply demonstrate what any of us would look like if a photographer took a photo of us at exactly the wrong moment! Just a bad photo. Don’t be hatin’ on Meg Ryan!

Meg Ryan whatzbuzzing.com


You’ll notice that I didn’t include any photos of what Botox can do to one’s appearance in the right circumstances. That’s because when done correctly, it provides a soft, natural and youthful look. Don’t be afraid! To check pricing on injectables from a doctor near you, click here.



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