Thinking about getting an ear gauge?!

ear gauge
Excess earlobe skin left after a gauge is removed. Courtesy of buzzfeed.

Thinking of getting an ear gauge like this guy to the left?! Well consider the consequences first. Why people choose to get ear gauges is not really the point of this post and this is a judgement-free zone! But if you have gotten one or considering it, here are some things to think about.


You may not always want to have an ear gauge but luckily they aren’t permanent. If you grow to dislike your ear gauge or grow out of that “phase” in your life, you can remove the ear gauge. But similar to the gentleman above, you will have excess earlobe skin left behind. However, this can be repaired.


How to repair an ear gauge

Have you ever heard of a split earlobe? A split earlobe is what’s left when a regular ear piercing pulls through the earlobe skin. This can be due to traumatically ripping the earring through the earlobe or it can actually happen slowly and gradually over time if you’re used to wearing large dangling earrings. In the case of a split earlobe, the edges of the “split” are removed surgically and the freshly cut edges of the earlobe are sewn back together. This can be seen in the photo below.

ear gauge
Before and after repair of a split earlobe.


What’s my point? Well, the excess skin that remains after an ear gauge has been removed can be repaired in the same way. Instead of just removing the edges of the split earlobe, you remove all of the excess skin between the split. After removing the excess skin, you’re left with what is essentially a split earlobe which can be repaired in exactly the same way. This can be done under local anesthesia by your doctor.


To check pricing on a split earlobe or ear gauge repair, click here.



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