How long does it take Botox and fillers to work? [video]

best bang for your buck

Botox and fillers are pretty commonplace these days. To reduce wrinkles caused by overactive muscles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes (crow’s feet), Botox is your weapon of choice. For deep lines like the parentheses extending from the nose down to the corners of the mouth, fillers work best. But when […]

Track BuildMyBod Leads Through Google Analytics

That’s right! Whether it’s you or your digital marketing firm tracking your leads via Google Analytics, you can track all of your leads, including BuildMyBod “wishlists,” in one place.   Similar to tracking website submission forms or other referring traffic, you can also track leads from your BuildMyBod Price Estimator in Google Analytics. Sure you can take a deeper dive […]

MedResults Network Webinar: Price Shoppers and Lead Generation

Watch a recording of the MedResults Network webinar on BuildMyBod here.   For those of you that follow this blog, you know we believe in price transparency. It’s great because it give the consumer instant pricing information on healthcare services. And with the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator, the doctor gets the patient’s contact info for […]

2017 BuildMyBod Health Pricing Report [infographic]

pricing report

In our fifth year now, BuildMyBod Health is releasing their 2017 BuildMyBod Health Pricing Report. This is an extensive review of pricing from the largest doctor-provided pricing database around. Doctors, including those in private practice and those affiliated with surgery centers disclose out-of-pocket costs in healthcare. New this year, our Pricing Report includes not only […]

Doctors: Include videos in your “wishlist” emails

Thanks to Dr. Samuel Shatkin of Buffalo (Amherst), NY for suggesting one of our newest features! Grow your engagement with consumers who submit a wishlist by allowing them to watch videos of your choosing.   Every wishlist a consumer receives can include a promotional video that highlights your practice or facility. But even better, you can also include videos […]

The ‘Call to Action’ patients are looking for!

For every healthcare provider out there, there’s 10,000 consumers perusing their website. They’re looking for something and hoping the doctor has the answer. At the same time, the doctor is hoping to capture that patient. To do so, they’ll put various ‘call to action’ buttons or links on their site. ‘Schedule Online’ or ‘Book Now’ […]

Cyber Monday on BuildMyBod


I know it sounds strange but are you looking for any healthcare related deals on Cyber Monday?! You’ve come to the right place. BuildMyBod Health provides for price transparency but also the ability to purchase non-surgical services online. From the MRI your doctor told you to get to Botox and other cosmetic services.   How […]

Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery joins BuildMyBod Health

Big news! If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you probably want to know how much it costs? You’re not alone. BuildMyBod Health, the first platform to offer doctor-provided pricing information to consumers has a new first. The Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Department chose BuildMyBod to showcase the prices of their world renowned surgeons. Remember, these are […]

Online Purchases for Healthcare Services

online booking

In the past, you would get a healthcare service and then get the bill after the fact. Maybe it was covered by your insurance or maybe you owed a lot of money. But now, with consumers shouldering more of their healthcare costs with high deductible health plans, consumers are demanding to know costs ahead of […]

Social Media in the Operating Room

When I was in residency, I thought the hardest thing to do was learn how to do a facelift. Once I got into practice, the hardest thing to do was learn how to run a business, since ultimately, a medical practice is a business that cares for patients. Now I realize, the hardest thing to […]

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