Track BuildMyBod Leads Through Google Analytics

google analyticsThat’s right! Whether it’s you or your digital marketing firm tracking your leads via Google Analytics, you can track all of your leads, including BuildMyBod “wishlists,” in one place.


Similar to tracking website submission forms or other referring traffic, you can also track leads from your BuildMyBod Price Estimator in Google Analytics. Sure you can take a deeper dive and see the consumer’s contact info by looking in the BuildMyBod Health Provider Portal, but if you want to see all of your leads and where they’re coming from in one location, it’s now possible with BuildMyBod’s synchronization with Google Analytics.


Not sure what we mean? That’s ok, your marketing specialist does. Once you sign up for BuildMyBod here and insert the Price Estimator into your existing website, we’ll provide your developer with instructions for tracking your leads (lead = name, email address, phone number and ZIP code) through GA.


What are you waiting for!



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