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In the past, you would get a healthcare service and then get the bill after the fact. Maybe it was covered by your insurance or maybe you owed a lot of money. But now, with consumers shouldering more of their healthcare costs with high deductible health plans, consumers are demanding to know costs ahead of time. And with greater price transparency, that can mean online purchases for healthcare services may become the rule rather than the exception.


While I’m not suggesting you will pay for a heart operation online, there are some services conducive to online purchases. Medically necessary services paid out of pocket because a deductible hasn’t been met or cosmetic services are perfect examples. Combine that with non-surgical services and you’ve got many possible online purchases.


How online purchases for healthcare services could work!

Consider this scenario. You see a doctor after hurting your back. The doctor says you need an MRI of the lumbar spine. You go online and find a radiology facility near you that lists their pricing on their site. You find the test you need and you have the choice of purchasing online or waiting in line to pay at the facility. Just like purchasing movie tickets online is more convenient than at the theater, so too will online purchases of healthcare services be easier.


Lately, we’ve promoted our online purchasing portal through social media including Snapchat and Instagram. Just the other day, we had a patient purchase Latisse online we well as Botox and fillers. So it’s already happening. If you want to be part of this growing trend, click here to find a doctor near you that offers non-surgical services online for purchase.



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